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BeachGroomer System

BeachGroomer Automated Aquatic Weed Control Device

From “Rags to Riches” or “Weeds to Sand” It’s The Same Thing

If you own a lake home then you know what kind of investment you have in your lakefront, equipment, docks, watercraft, lifts, water toys. And it would darn near be a perfect world if you could only get rid of those weeds once and for all. Guess what? You can. And it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring professional to continually clean your beach front property.

With the BeachGroomer System you can have a sandy beach you will use, the kids will use (maybe the neighbor kids too), the grandkids too. You will enjoy a weed-free experience, with nothing but the sand brushing against your toes instead of slimy plants.  For once, you can be proud of your beautiful sandy beach.

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BeachGroomer - Free Standing Stand - Powder Coated

40 Gallon Big Foot Filter & Stand w/Pea Rock or Filter Matting


40 gallon Big Foot filter & stand for irrigation systems offers a choice of filter matting or pea rock. Beachgroomer products are your high quality irrigation solution for all of your lake lawn, lake maintenance and irrigation needs.

40 Gallon Big Foot Filter and Free Standing Powder Coated Stand. Should be used with 1 1/2 HP pump or less. Please make sure to select the “Filter Option” you want below.

40 Gallon Big Foot Filter Specifications:

Rated at 40 gallons per minute in clear water.

Made of PVC and plastic.

6″ outside screen and 2″ inside screen with 2″ suction connection.

6″ screen has approximately 680 1/4″ holes with total open area of 33.3 square inches.

2″ screen has 1/8″ slots with total open area of 20 square inches.

Filter matting or Pea Rock – Optional

BeachGroomer System

BeachGroomer Automated Aquatic Lake Weed Control Device Machine – Basic Package

Rated 5.00 out of 5

The BeachGroomer System is a portable and environmentally friendly aquatic weed lake maintenance system. The Beachgroomer System is an aquatic control system that works to keep your lake and beach clear of aquatic weeds such as lake seaweed, duckweed, pondweed and more.

*Pump Not Included in Price. See Irrigation Pumps or Complete Pump Packages

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BeachGroomer - Complete Pump Package - Lake Lawn Irrigation Pump - GouldsWith Filter Matting

Goulds GT20 2HP Lawn Lake Irrigation Complete Pump Package by BeachGroomer

$1,205.00$1,228.50 $1,084.50$1,105.65

Beachgroomer’s 2 HP Goulds GT20 Lake Lawn Irrigation Complete Pump Package is an irrigation solution for all of your lake maintenance and lake lawn needs. You can also use this pump package to power any of the BeachGroomer irrigation supplies including Aquatic Weed Removal Systems, Fire Hose, or any other BeachGroomer Accessory or irrigation equipment supplies especially designed by and from BeachGroomer.