1. Affordable – Compared to other water oriented accessories it is a no brainer.
  2. Portable – Weighing only 20 pounds the BeachGroomer is easy to wheel from area to area, even the kids can do it.
  3. Environmentally Clean – Re-circulating lake water to drive the BeachGroomer. Water out – Water back in.
  4. Ease of Use – Assembles and installs in minutes. Conveniently stores.
  5. Fountain for Show – The beauty and sound of the blossom fountain add to lake experience.
  6. ADDS VALUE TO PROPERTY – people want a weed-free swimming area.
  7. The number one reason to buy a BeachGroomer is to finally have a sandy clean swimming beach that you and the family will have to enjoy for many seasons to come.

Who Needs The BeachGroomer?

If you answer yes to the 3 following questions seek a BeachGroomer Dealer immediately or call 1-800-817-1850.

  1. Are you a lake homeowner?
  2. Do you have weeds in your swimming area?
  3. If you could rid that area of weeds with a cost effective, easy, environmentally friendly way would you?

From “Rags to Riches” or “Weeds to Sand” It’s The Same Thing

If you own a lake home then you know what kind of investment you have in your lakefront, equipment, docks, watercraft, lifts, water toys. And it would darn near be a perfect world if you could only get rid of those weeds once and for all. Guess what? You can. And it won’t cost you much.

With the BeachGroomer System you can have a sandy beach you will use, the kids will use (maybe the neighbor kids too), the grandkids too. You will be enjoying an experience you have never known before and will be proud of your beautiful sandy beach.

During those long winter months when you dream of the lakes, what do you think of? Swinging in a hammock reading a book? A pontoon cruise before dinner? Taking the kids tubing or skiing? But, if you have a weedy beach it’s not in your dreams. A sandy beach would be.

Just because you have put up with those weeds for so long doesn’t mean you have to continue to live with them. Take the BeachGroomer plunge!