The ideal time to begin using your BeachGroomer is by Memorial weekend before weeds have had time to really grow. If you begin treatments past mid ­June, you may need to rake the weeds from your beach before using your BeachGroomer. The BeachGroomer will not function if placed in dense weed growth.

After assembling your BeachGroomer, place the unit in your permitted treatment area. Turn your pump on and open the valve on the hose to the BeachGroomer. The arms should begin to turn. Make sure the arms turn freely and are not interrupted by obstructions on the bottom. If the arms do not turn, please clear the arm path of obstructions.

To properly clean your permitted area, it may be necessary to run the BeachGroomer up to eight hours continuously before moving it. It is important to monitor your BeachGroomer during this initial treatment to ensure the arms turn freely – the motion of the chains can unearth sticks or other debris that can impede proper function. Should the chains become heavy with weeds, please remove the weeds and dispose of them properly.

When you see that your area is free of weeds and the sand is exposed, you can then move your BeachGroomer to another area that you would like to clean. The amount of sediment on your beach bottom will determine the amount of time the BeachGroomer will run in one spot.

Once you have cleaned your entire area, run your BeachGroomer as needed to eliminate new weed growth. You will find that as the summer progresses into late July and August, the need to run your BeachGroomer diminishes as weed­growth diminishes. You may wish to convert your BeachGroomer to a fountain only unit.

For best grooming results, do not run your fountain during initial treatment as this will decrease the water pressure required to turn the arms of the BeachGroomer.

Flushing your BeachGroomer

By midsummer, the inside of the flexible PVC hose may become coated with algae. This can be visually monitored. If the coating becomes too thick and breaks away from the wall of the hose it could plug your jet holes or your fountain spray head. To minimize this remove the threaded plugs from the end of the PVC arms and let the pump run for ten (10) minutes. If you have the fountain attachment remove just below the extender and let the pump run for ten (10) minutes. If your fountain head becomes clogged, unscrew the head and clean holes with a piece of wire.

Winter Storage

  1. Remove the BeachGroomer from the lake.
  2. Disconnect the arms from the swivel assembly.
  3. Drain the arms of any water.
  4. Disconnect the hose from the pump and steel base unit.
  5. Drain the hose of any water by laying the hose at an incline.
  6. After draining the hose, the hose may be coiled for storage.
  7. If you have the aerator/fountain attachment, remove it from the swivel assembly and drain any water. You may wish to flush the nozzles of any lake vegetation that may be present.
  8. Drain the reservoir of the irrigation pump.

The BeachGroomer System may now be stored.