40 Gal Big Foot Filter, Matting or Rock, Stand, 33′ Suction Hose, & Check Valve


40 Gallon Big Foot Filter includes Pea Rock or Filter Matting, Free Standing Powder Coated Stand, Dock Mount Stand, or Adjustable Stand, 33′ – 2″ Suction Hose with quick connect couplers, and Check Valve. (Dock Mount Stand mounts to square posts up to 3″ or round post up to 2 1/2″.) Please make sure to select the “Filter Option” and “Stand Option” you want below.

The 40 Gallon Big Foot Filter Package can be used with an irrigation pump up to 1.5 HP and completes your BeachGroomer lake weed control system.  BeachGroomer products are your high quality irrigation solution for all your lake lawn, lake maintenance and irrigation needs.





Filter Options Pros and Cons:

Matting (Preferred Choice)

Pros: Does a superior job of filtering out any foreign matter that may clog sprinkler heads. Matting is easily cleaned or replaced. To be used in clean to moderately dirty water.

Cons: If pumping from dirty, algae filled, or drifting sediment water occasional cleaning may be required. Symptoms of a dirty or clogged filter are loss of pump pressure on your discharge . Example: sprinklers, hose nozzles, etc. Your pump is essentially water starved.

Screened Rock

Pros: Does a good job of filtering foreign matter. Allows maximum water flow to the pump due to minimum resistance during pumping. Requires little if any cleaning during the pumping season. Cleaning requires dumping of the rock, cleaning the rock, and replacing rock.

Cons: This rock medium will allow enough foreign debris to clog small orifices on sprinkler such as rockers, sprayers, dippers, etc.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 29 x 14 in


Manufactured by


40 Gallon Filter

With Filter Matting, With Pea Rock (+10lbs)

2" Adapter w/1.5" Reducing Adapter for Intake on Pump

None, Add (+21.90)

Filter Stand

Free Standing Powder Coated Stand, Add Dock Mount Stand (+20.75), Add Adjustable Stand ($19.45) (+2 lbs)


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