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BeachGroomer - 40 Gallon Big Foot HoseBeachGroomer - Filter Matting

40 Gallon Big Foot Irrigation Filter, Stand, 33′ Suction Hose, & Check Valve


Filter Package includes 40 Gallon Big Foot Filter with Filter Matting or Rock, Free Standing Powder Coated Stand or Dock Mount Stand, 33′ – 2″ Suction Hose with quick connects, and Check Valve. (Dock Mount Stand mounts to square posts up to 3″ or round post up to 2 1/2″.) Please make sure to select the “Filter Option” and “Stand Option” you want below.

The Filter Package can be used with an irrigation pump up to 1.5 HP.



BeachGroomer System

BeachGroomer Automated Aquatic Lake Weed Control Device Machine – Basic Package

$1,810.00 $1,629.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5

The BeachGroomer System is a portable and environmentally friendly aquatic weed lake maintenance system. The Beachgroomer System is an aquatic control system that works to keep your lake and beach clear of aquatic weeds such as lake seaweed, duckweed, pondweed and more.

*Pump Not Included in Price. See Irrigation Pumps or Complete Pump Packages.