“The BeachGroomer System Really Works”

Meet BeachGroomer Owners – Frank, Elaine and Steve
This is what they have to say…


Elaine – Little Pelican, MN

“I love the BeachGroomer because now our family can go out and swim. The grandchildren can play in the water and we have a beautiful sandy beach.”


Steve – Lake Eunice, MN

“I would recommend the BeachGroomer because it’s affordable, it’s portable and it’s wonderful to clean your beach. You can move the BeachGroomer quickly and easily. Even the kids can do it.”


Frank, Detroit Lake, MN

“Anybody that has a real nice lake home today and tries to sell it and people see a beach that’s full of weeds – it’s really going to take the value down.People are going to buy a sandy beach. If you’re going to pay a lot of money for a lake home today – you want a swimming area. It’s as simple as that!”

How the BeachGroomer Works


“We put it in in early June and ran it each day for a good two weeks. In a short time, the BeachGroomer had completely eliminated all that small growth and I’m here to tell you that the BeachGroomer really works.”



“You go down, you drop it in the lake and three hours later you’ve got a clean sandy beach. There is no maintenance – that’s what’s so wonderful about it. You don’t have to do any upkeep on it.”

Affordability and Portability


“It’s affordable. That was the first thing that was really attractive to me.”



“I’ve tried a lot of things and they didn’t do nearly as good of the job as the BeachGroomer. So I’m very happy with the cost and the way it works is so simple and moving it around to all the different areas….I’m 71 years-old and I don’t lift heavy stuff around. This is simple to move.”

“The cost in comparison to the other things for water crafts and even tubes that I carry the kids around in, the cost is less than what you pay for one of those tubes or waterskis. Cost-wise it is very affordable.”



“The Colman BeachGroomer is obviously the way to go as far as price. We checked around at other places, the price was anywhere from two to four times the price.”

Environmentally Friendly


“I love the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. You’re recycling the water and bringing it back and you’re distributing it back in the water to clean your beach.”



“Well, it’s quiet, it doesn’t disturb any of the neighbors, obviously, the DNR has approved it so there’s no problem with it there and it’s nice to know it’s environmentally clean.”



“I think the BeachGroomer is going to solve a lot of problems. It’s environmentally friendly and it works so easy – no hang-ups. I know the cost of repair on some of those larger machines is quite heavy and the Beachgroomer is trouble-free. I don’t need any more problems – I’ve got enough things to fix!”

Fountain Feature


“I love the fact it’s beautiful to look out and see that fountain spraying on the surface of the water.”



“The fountain is a neat feature. Many days you’ll have stuff floating in – leaves and stuff and it just keeps everything nice and moving.”