BeachGroomer System

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The BeachGroomer Automatic Weed Removal Device

The BeachGroomer System is a portable and environmentally-friendly lake weed control system. Propelled by water pressure from a lawn pump, the BeachGroomer arms rotate to clear your swimming area of weeds and sediment. Its durable PVC arms with galvanized chains slowly turn and churn in a 16-foot diameter to clear muck and weeds from the lake bottom—often in a matter of hours. Because there is only one moving part on the BeachGroomer it is a very reliable device. No motors, no bearings, no timers, no gears. Simple is better.

Don’t go through another summer complaining about those weeds. Turn that weedy beach into a sandy beach you and the kids will want to use. Learn more about BeachGroomer system details and pricing by clicking on the packages below. Call 1(800) 817-1850 for more information!

Minnesota State Weed Control Guidelines

As with any weed control device in Minnesota, owners must obtain a permit from the M.N. Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The permit costs $35 and is good for one to three years. For other states, check with your state Department of Natural Resources for weed control guidelines.

Download a Minnesota DNR weed control permit here!

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